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1. Precision climate control ensures availability


Precision air-conditioning systems regulate temperature and humidity for sensitive technology precisely to the last degree. In data centres and mobile phone network exchanges, their cost-efficient, continuous operation reliably ensures the high availability of computer systems.

If required, all units can be equipped with interfaces for connection to building services management systems from known manufacturers. This enables central monitoring and control at all times.




Reliable and cost-effective cooling with water

Water conveys heat 3500 times better than air. Our chilled water generator from the CyberCool product line was developed for maximum reliability in data centres and in the field of medicine: whatever the local temperature profile and with maximum efficiency – 24/7, 365 days a year.


CyberCool 2 - modern cooling system for data centers.

These devices are designed and manufactured in Hamburg provide cooling from 10 to 1400 kW and are supplied with air-cooled embodiment. With a wide range of available options and intelligent control technology, the new cooler CyberCool 2 is already one of the most efficient in energy consumption.



CyberCool Outdoor – The source of liquid-cooled air cooling systems

Chilled water generators for closed-circuit air conditioning with water, up to 235 kilowatts, for outdoor installation. With optional free cooling to increase energy efficiency.


CyberCool Indoor Data-Chiller – Spot-on cooling with water


Compact chilled water generator for the direct liquid cooling of high-density server racks and computer tomographs, cooling capacity up to 100 kilowatts, for indoors.

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